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Official announcement! SEMCORP website has got an entire upgrade, ushering in 2023 with a diverse image

  • 2022-12-28


A brand-new SEMCORP official website in Chinese and English

has been synchronized online.

We aim at design and layout that is

streamlined and internationalized

To bring you a better browsing experience

The domain name has been updated to

Now, let’s enter a brand-new SEMCORP world.


The integration and promotion of the Brand to Strengthen International Image

The new website adopts a brand-new interface design that rallies the strength of the national brand to showcase SEMCORP’s style as the global industry leader in lithium-ion battery separator.

The position of the homepage is embedded with a grand screen with three major themes videos which bears SEMCORP’s positioning, technical strength, and pledges on sustainable development. Enter the official website and you can quickly grasp the glamor of SEMCORP.

640 (3).gif

SEMCORP’s two major new energy businesses and three major traditional businesses are also instantly displayed on the homepage, which renders users a faster view of the core products.

Furthermore, columns such as Company Profile, Core Advantages, Innovation, Latest Newsetc.,can present to users the latest developments of SEMCORP.

640 (4).gif


A Streamlined Design Creates a Smoother Browse

Compared to past version of website, the new website integrates more modern elements in appearance design and the overall layout is simple, which emanates a technological vibe and converys SEMCORP’s commitment to advance with the times.

640 (1).gif
640 (2).gif

Web Pages also load more quickly and smoothly, compatibility with responsive designs of various terminals. They can be accessed with both PC and mobile.



A Restructuring of the Sections gives Richer Content

The new website has5main columns and 18 sub-columns with clear structures, reasonable distribution and detailed content, showcasing SEMCORP’s corporate image and businesses from a comprehensive and multi-dimensional perspective in sections and columns such as Products & Solutions, News, Investor, Join Us, etc.

Among them, Products & Solutions, Innovation, and ESG boast richer content, displaying SEMCORP’s principles of basing on technologies, centering on clients and aiming for eco-friendliness.

The new upgrade of SEMCORP’s website shows that SEMCORP is promoting its brand spirit with a more open and friendly manner and it is also exploring the global market with a more international perspective in order to become, a world-class materials R&D company and the most competitive packaging company in China with relentless efforts,.

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