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Hungarian SEMCORP, Jiangsu SEMCORP and Jiangsu Ruijie Are Being Built on Schedule and Will Respectively Be Put into Operation Next Year

  • 2022-11-23


This year marked important domestic and overseas progresses by SEMCORP. Despite impact from COVID-19 pandemic, adverse weather events, etc., SEMCORP still proved to the world its tenacity and stability as the global leader in lithium-ion battery separator. Factories in the new energy system such as the Hungarian SEMCORP, Jiangsu SEMCORP, Jiangsu Ruijie, etc., are being constructed in full swing and will be respectively put into operation next year.

Hungarian SEMCORP



Under the Dual Carbon Strategy, global demand for new energy is surging and SEMCORP is accelerating in its efforts to build overseas factories. To meet the growing need for lithium-ion battery separator in the European market, SEMCORP invested in a new SEMCORP factory in Hungary, which is also the first overseas wet lithium-ion battery separator factory financed and built by SEMCORP. This factory is currently being constructed according to plan and will be put into operation on schedule next year.

The Hungarian SEMCORP factory has a total investment of 183 million euros and mainly focuses on production, sales, etc. of wet lithium-ion battery separator and functional coating separator.




SEMCORP continues to increase its presence in eastern China, with Jiangsu SEMCORP established in Changzhou, Jiangsu in July, 2021. Jiangsu SEMCORP built 16 world-class wet lithium-ion battery separator production and coating assembly lines with imported advanced equipments for separator production, cutting, coating and online testing, and the assembly lines will successively be put into operation in H1 of next year.

Jiangsu SEMCORP has a total investment of 5.2 billion yuan, occupied 353mu of land, and can achieve a production capacity of over 1 billion square meters for lithium-ion battery separator and coating separator after put into operation

Jiangsu Ruijie



Another major base financed and built by SEMCORP in Changzhou-Jiangsu Ruijie was financed and established in July and mainly focused on R&D and production of lithium-ion battery aluminum module materials, having 8 aluminum module assembly lines built with world-class thermal technologies. Jiangsu Ruijie has a total investment of 1.6 billion yuan, and can achieve an annual production capacity of 280 million square meters of aluminum modules. At present, Jiangsu Ruijie is being constructed on schedule and will be put into operation successively in H1 of next year.

Aluminum module is the highest technical barrier in lithium-ion battery industrial chain and has fairly high demands for raw materials, production technologies and equipment. Jiangsu Ruijie has a subsidiary aluminum separator research institute which studies 3C, propulsion, ESS aluminum separator and domestic development of relevant raw materials, so as to meet the rapidly growing demand both domestic and overseas for aluminum separator products and to facilitate the sustainable growth of global EV industry.


At present, the global new energy industry is having a bonanza in growth and SEMCORP is increasing its presence in relevant sectors by proactively expanding capacity both domestically and abroad. The construction and operation of factories such as Hungarian SEMCORP, Jiangsu SEMCORP, Jiangsu Ruijie, etc., serves as strong foundation for SEMCORP’s steady development and also an important tool of SEMCORP to contribute Chinese strength to the global new energy industry.