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Senior Vice President Cheng Yue Listed Goals: Complete Every Objective Established by the Company Through Steady Operation

  • 2022-11-25


Recently, Senior Vice President Cheng Yue hosted an online conference on corporate operation and management which was attended by all department managers from every SEMCORP subsidiary in China, Hungary and the US.

It was noted during the conference that all SEMCORP employees, especially on each level of management, should concert their efforts around improving the company’s performance; stress on operational safety and steady operations; do a solid job in each area of production and operation; and complete every task by steadfastly following the goals established by the company.

Senior Vice President Cheng Yue said that the company is currently at a critical juncture and is receiving solicitude from investors, media, every partner and every sector of the society, which means we need to achieve better performances. As a global industry leader in lithium-ion battery separator industry, SEMCORP boasts sound corporate governance and coherent internal management mechanisms, and is now in steady operation and production. The company demands managers at each level should muster up their confidence and continue in promoting the spirit of diligence.

Demands from Senior Vice President Cheng Yue:

I. Each department in each subsidiary should ensure steady daily operations;

II. Each department in each subsidiary should conduct self-inspections to ensure operational safety in every area;

III. Each base should ensure stability in product quality and steadily improve output and delivery;

IV. Strength the management of costs and fees to improve market competitiveness;

V. Each base should implement their talents recruitment program according to original plan to ensure supply of human capital and expert team building;

VI. Continue in improving product quality to increase customer satisfaction.

Senior Vice President Cheng Yue noted at last that SEMCORP should shoulder the responsibility as an industry leader by ensuring not only steady and safe operations at the company, but also the industrial security of downstream clients. Managers at each level need to be based on fundamental operations, complete daily tasks and contribute SEMCORP’s force to the global new energy industry by achieving the company’s 2022 annual goals and 2025 strategy goals with concrete actions.